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Configure lists with Format Control

  1. Determine the base name of the form, which you added to your list.
  2. Click Tailoring > Format Control.
  3. Type the base name of the form in the Name field.

    For this example, create a new record for the form problem.template.update.

    Note: If you add a combo box to a subform, attach the Format Control record to any base form using that subform. (Do not attach the Format Control record to the subform itself.)

  4. Click Search.
  5. If a Format Control record does not exist for your form, create one. Click New.
  6. Click Subroutines in the form, or select it from the More Actions menu.
  7. Select Show Expanded Form from the More Actions menu.
  8. Scroll to the first empty section and set up a Subroutine call using the following values:

    Names/ValuesSee next table

    names{"time.zones"}Array of lists to be moved
    namecreateAction to perform (create lists)

  9. Click Save to save changes to an existing record.

    Caution: If you are attempting to add a new record from an existing record, make sure that you do not click Save because doing so will replace the existing record with the new record. If you are adding a new record, click Add.

  10. Click Add to add a new record.

This Format Control record returns the time.zones list to all incident records displaying the Contact Detail tab, regardless of mode.

Calling the several times from Format Control will not slow the system appreciably. The system automatically keeps track of what lists are already on the client and will not recover them unnecessarily; however, if you want the Global Initer to reassemble the list regardless, invoke it with the refresh parameter (rather than the create value listed in the above). called with the refresh parameter, the Global Initer returns all the lists passed to the names array, even if they are already in client memory.

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