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Example: Create and manage a revision

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

The following example steps through the process of creating and controlling a revision. The example uses the location file.

  1. Open the location record in Data Policy.
  2. Type a revision name on the Engine Specifications tab, for example type LocationRevision.
  3. Type the maximum number of revisions allowed on the system for files controlled by this record. For example, type 2.
  4. Save the location Data Policy record.
  5. Go to the Database Manager and type location in the Form field. A record list opens.
    Every file in the record list is controlled by the Data Policy record Locations.
  6. Select a record, for example ACME HQ, based in Chicago.
  7. With the record open, click Revision > Create Revision from the More Actions menu. Include any relevant text to help you understand the revision and its purpose. Label this revision one.
  8. Make a change to the ACME HQ record and save.
  9. Click Revision > Create Revision from the More Actions menu. Label this revision two.

The maximum number of revisions has now been reached for the files controlled by the Locations Data Policy record. The next revision you make will eliminate the revision you labeled one.

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