Applies to User Roles:

Configuration Administrator

Check related configurations

User roles: System Administrator, Configuration Administrator

Note In ITIL best practices, a Configuration Administrator manages master data. In Service Manager, however, only a System Administrator has rights to master data, because the master data is shared by all Service Manager applications. You may need to contact a System Administrator to implement master data changes or request permission to perform this function.

After you implement master data record changes, you must search for configuration items (CIs) that are related to the master data record to ensure that the updates do not conflict with the configuration administration. For example, after you update a master data record to retire a particular contact record, you should search for subscriptions or CIs that were assigned to the contact.

Caution These steps are specific to finding related CIs, but master data is shared by all Service Manager applications. We recommend that you search for related records in all applications after updating a master data record.

To check related configurations:

  1. Click Configuration Management > Resources > Search CIs. The Search Configuration Items form opens.
  2. Specify the name of the master data record that was updated in the designated field, and then click Search.

    For example, if a master data record for a contact was updated to indicate that the contact is retired, select the contact in the Contact Name field.

    Tip: If you do not see a field for the master data record you want to search for, click Advanced Filter > Add New Filter Criteria to see additional fields.

    Service Manager returns a list of CI records that are related to the master data record.

  3. If there are no related CIs, create a data reconciliation report summarizing the data modifications and any reconciliation errors in accordance with your company procedures.
  4. If there are related CIs, determine the corrective actions and create a new incident to implement the fix. For example, if the master data record was retired, you might request that the related CIs be updated to replace the retired master data value.

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