SLT section

Service Manager populates the information in the SLT section with one or more Service Level Agreement records associated with the asset. If no agreement exists, the section is blank. All the information is read-only.

The Next Expiration field displays the next immediate deadline from all matching SLTs. The SLT section contains the following subsections that list the details of the specific SLTs.

SLT type Description
Process Targets Lists all of the matching SLTs from all of the associated SLAs.
Uptime Targets Lists the percentage of time that all SLTs are available.
Max Duration Targets Lists the acceptable amount of time for an outage for all SLTs.
Upcoming Alerts Lists the alerts for all of the SLTs.

Note: When you view an existing record, shaded fields are not available for more input. Incident Management populates these fields from information stored in associated records. You can update the associated record to increase the amount of information in these read-only fields.

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