Activities section

The Activities section allows users to enter new updates for a record or to view journal updates and historic activities for a record.

New update

Field Description
New Update Type Specifies or categorizes the activity update (for example, communication with the customer)
Visible to Customer?

Makes the update visible to customers so they can view related interactions via self service

Note This option can be bypassed by setting the Bypass Visibility Option flag to “true” in the activityactions table. When this flag is set to “true,” automatic activities are invisible to customers, whether the Customer Visible option is selected or not. When the flag is set to “false,” all activities are visible to customers if the Customer Visible option is selected.

New Update

Used to enter notes to explain and describe updates made for the record. If Journaling is enabled, the text entered here is displayed in Journal Updates. If Activities are enabled, the text entered in this field is displayed as an activity record for the selected activity type.

Note The System Administrator is responsible for enabling Journaling and Activities.

Journal updates

Journal updates displays text entered in the New Update field together with a timestamp for the update. This field displays information when Journaling is enabled.

Activity type

To filter the list by the type of activity, select an activity type, and then click Filter. Service Manager opens a new record list that displays the records of that activity type.

The activities list displays activities for the current record. The activities are listed in order of occurrence, with the most recent activity displayed first. The following information is displayed for each activity:

  • Date/Time
  • Type
  • Operator
  • Description

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