Creating an incident

Service Manager allows you to create an incident via several ways.

You can directly create a new incident in the In the Incident Management module by clicking Incident Management > Create New Incident.

You can also create an incident by escalating an interaction. For example, if a user cannot print to the network printer, the user calls the Service Desk for help. The Service Desk Agent creates a service desk interaction record to capture the service request. If the agent discovers that he or she cannot resolve the issue during the phone call, the agent escalates the interaction into an incident.

The Incident Coordinator reviews the information and verifies that it is assigned to the correct group. An Incident Analyst resolves the issue or escalates it to initiate a change. When the issue is resolved, the Service Desk Agent informs the user that the record is closed. All phases of this incident are tracked, from opening the service desk interaction record, escalating the incident, resolving the incident, and closing the record.

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