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Here are the number setting preferences and example for your reference.

Tab Fields Description
Chart Properties Type of chart Shows the current chart type. You can change it by selecting the chart type from the drop-down list.
Chart by Shows the query type for the report. The default value is Aggregate query.
Label Specifies the label content to show under the number.

Shows the data aggregation method. Number supports five aggregation types: sum, count, average, max, and min.

Note When you select the count aggregation type, the aggregation value field is invisible. When you select the sum, average, max, or min aggregation types, you can select the aggregation value from the drop-down list.

Query Shows the query content for the current report. You can click the Query Builder to define the query to display desired information. You can also write a new query directly. For more information about how to edit a query, see Build the query strings and other related topics.
Advanced settings Decimal Places Specifies the number of decimal places at which the report calculates the record percentage. Service Manager provides up to five decimal places.
Default Color Specifies the color of the number if no colored range is set or if the value falls outside all ranges.
Drill Down Process

Specifies whether clicking a record in the report will drill down to the record stored in the ToDo table or to the record details page.

  • When this option is left empty (default): drill down to the record stored in the ToDo table
  • When this option is set to To-Do Drill Down: drill down to the record details page.
Colored Ranges Specifies any colored ranges that are displayed on the report. For more information about setting colored ranges, see Add colored ranges to a report.

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