Hot Topic Map

After you have set up Smart Analytics in your Service Manager system, you can create Hot Topic Map reports. Here are the setting preferences and example for your reference.

Tab Fields Description
Hot Topic Map Properties Key Words Type the key words to filter the hot topics.

Specify a starting date to filter the data that are created after the specified date.


Specify an ending date to filter the data that are created before the specified date.

Analytics Actions

Filter data and available actions in hot topic map. The available conditions are: Set Parent, Create Problem, and Create Change/Article.

Note This drop-down list is displayed only when you select Incident - probsummary in the Source Data field. To enable Hot Topic Analytics for more modules, see Enable Hot Topic Analytics for other modules. Also, to add more Analytics action queries in the Hot Topic Analytics for Incidents and other modules, see the steps described in Add more "Analytics Action" queries in the Hot Topic Analytics for Incidents as an example.

Customized Query Shows the query content for the current report. You can click the Query Builder to define the query to display desired information. You can also write a new query directly. For more information about how to edit a query, see Build the query strings and other related topics.

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