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What is a scheduled task?

Scheduled Maintenance supports different types of scheduling. Select the one that best suits the task. Scheduled tasks run according to a defined schedule with no dependencies. For example, you can schedule a task to run every Tuesday at 4:00 a.m., or on the first Monday in January. Demand-based tasks run when the task relies on changes in the Configuration Management application. This can be defined by a trigger. For example, you can schedule a task to run whenever:

  • The available drive space on the file server drops below 10 GB.
  • The printer prints 8,000 pages.
  • The available disk space on a server drops below 2 GB, require a log dump
  • The number of devices attached to a particular router approaches the number of ports it has available.

Scheduled task delays

There may be a delay between the time you select a task to run and the time that it runs. Scheduled Maintenance checks for tasks to execute every minute. If it checked at 11:59:30 and 12:00:30, then the incident record, change request, or Request Management quote would be opened at 12:00:30, not at 12:00:00.

There can be a few seconds delay as Scheduled Maintenance generates and saves the incident record, change request, or Request Management quote. You can change the frequency of the Scheduled Maintenance Hook to balance the load.

If your server is disabled at the time a task is scheduled to run, the task executes at the next scheduled time after the server resumes operation.

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