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Accessing Format Control

You can access the Format Control utility in Service Manager as follows:

  • Access Format Control from Forms Designer:

    Note: The best method for accessing Format Control is through Forms Designer. Accessing the record from the form with the same name as the Format Control record reduces your chances of accessing the wrong record.
  1. Click Tailoring > Forms Designer.
  2. Type the name of the form you want to view in the Form field of the Forms Designer dialog box.
  3. Click Search to find the form.
  4. Click Format Control from the More Actions menu. The Format Control record opens for the selected form.
  • Access Format Control from Database Manager:

    Note: To access the Format Control Additional Options for Change Management, you must select Administration Mode or you will be using Change Management instead of Database Manager.

    Click Tailoring > Database Manager.
  • To access Format Control directly:

    Note: Accessing Format Control directly without going through Forms Designer enables you to search for an existing record or create a new record.

    Click Tailoring > Format Control.


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