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Format Control and eventout records

When incidents are opened, updated or closed by Event Services, a record is written to the eventout file. This record contains information from the incident (described in the output eventmap record for the event) that is passed to an external process via the SCAuto/IPAS external interface. You can elect to write to the eventout file when Service Desk operators open and close records so that the information is passed to the external interface.

The axces.write application creates a character string of fields from a structure and writes them to eventout. An Event Registration record identifies the event type and the name of the Event Map records used to define which fields will be selected from the record. The application should be called as a Format Control Subroutine passing two parameters:

  • The record from which data will be mapped.
  • The Event Type, as defined in the Event Register.

To write to eventout on incident close, the Format Control record is attached to the form using the following values:

Field Value
Application axces.write
axces.write true
Name Value
record $file
name pmc

Note: This procedure is not specific to Incident Management. You can write eventout records for other applications, such as Configuration Management or Change Management.

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