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Using expressions in Format Control

To create Format Control expressions you will need to be familiar with system functions, boolean (logical) fields and the file variable.

Use the following definitions when Creating Format Control expressions:

Primary File:
The file attached to a form. This is referred to as $file in a Format Control record. Additional files are defined as $file1, $file2, etc. in the order of their entry in the secondary files section of the Additional File Queries screen of the Format Control record.

Semicolons(;) separate statements to allow them to be entered on one line.

A value that resides in memory only, rather than in a database record. Variable names always start with $. To ensure that a variable contains the proper value, initialize it in the Initializations Section of the Format Control record.

Service Manager supports some C-like statements.

  • if then else
  • do while
  • for do

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