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Incident Closure (SO2.5)

The Incident Closure process includes many steps to verify the success of implemented solutions and to verify that incident records are accurate and complete.

Service Manager is configured out-of-box to use a one-step Incident Closure process. Therefore, incident personnel can close the incident directly after resolving it. The Service Desk takes care of notifying the end user and closing the interaction that initiated the incident.

Legacy Service Manager customers who did not activate Service Desk and used a two-step incident close will find that this is no longer necessary, because the Service Desk application is now included. However, you can still choose to close incidents in two steps after you finish some configuration.

To close an incident in two steps, administrators need to configure the system to enable a two-step close process for incidents. In the two-step close process, a technician starts the close process when work on the incident is complete. The record is resolved, but not closed until an operator contacts the user and confirms the resolution. The operator then finishes closing the incident and the incident is inactivated.