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Service Desk email notification

Email can be generated when an RFC is created, updated or closed and sent via standard email delivery tools to individuals or groups. Emails can be generated and sent automatically or manually.

Service Desk agents can be given access to the forward schedule of changes and their profiles used to control their access rights. You may want to assign them read-only access to the forward schedule of changes to avoid the entire Service Desk team from consuming change licenses.

If an Incident record has one or more related Change records, the Service Desk agent can click on the link to see the related RFC(s).

Additionally, Service Desk agents (or anyone using HPE Service Manager) can use charts and views to get visibility into Change Management information, such as a list of Changes scheduled for the next week.

Users can easily create these charts and lists on the fly, and save them to their favorites, or they can be used to create dashboards for groups of users.

Authorized users can drill down into the details of records that are behind the charts and see individual records and their details.