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Horizontal and vertical layouts

The HPE Service Manager web client provides the following two layouts for a list-detail page:

  • Horizontal layout: In the horizontal layout, the record list pane is above the record detail pane. This is the default layout of the list-detail page.
  • Vertical layout: In the vertical layout, the record list pane is on the left side of the record detail pane.

You can use the switch to toggle between the two layouts.

Your web browser stores the following layout information of your current login session:

  • Horizontal layout or vertical layout
  • Columns and the width of each column

In a newly opened page or in your next login, the web client can keep the same layout. If you clear the cache of the web browser, the web client uses the horizontal layout.

Hover information in the vertical and horizontal layouts

In both layouts, the content in the first column appears as links. When the mouse hovers over one of these record links, a hover window appears and displays the values of all columns. Hidden columns are displayed below a separation line.

To customize the fields that the hover window can display, follow the instructions in Create customized column views for record lists.