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Web client

The web client offers the same basic features as the Windows client, but provides a different look and feel, tree view navigation, and other features.

The web client is the only HPE Service Manager client that runs on a non-Windows platform. The web client supports accessibility and meets Section 508 requirements. For more information, see the Accessibility Guide.

Web client setting requirements

Verify the following before using your web client.

  • Enable cookies.
  • Enable JavaScript.
  • Enable pop-ups in all browser versions. You may need to add the Service Manager URL to the browser exception list.
  • To use the graphical workflow feature, install the Java plug-in according to the instructions in Install the Service Manager web tier.

Verify that your browser version is compatible by checking the Service Manager product Support Matrix on the HPE Customer Support website.


  • The web client does not support multiple logins. Therefore, you should ensure that you only log on to Service Manager once in your browser, as browser sessions are not independent and multiple logins result in unpredictable system responses.
  • Do not use the buttons (such as Refresh, Back, and Forward) on your browser toolbar or their keyboard shortcuts (such as Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Left, and Ctrl+Right) to perform Service Manager actions. Instead, use the buttons on the Service Manager interface, as described in List and detail toolbars.