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Configuration Management security options

Security options are available to users with the SysAdmin and ICMAdmin capability words. Security options are independent of the options selected in the Configuration Management profile record.

Field Definition
Add Add component records.
Update Update component records.
Delete Delete component records.
Print Enables the print option for the user or group.
Fill Enables the Fill function for the user or group.
Find Enables the Find function for the user or group.
Mass Delete Select a group of configuration records and delete them.
Change Devtype Change the CI type of an asset.
Mass Update Select a group of configuration records and modify fields in those records.
Open Incident Open an incident record from within Incident Management.
Request Change Open a change request in Change Management from within Configuration Management.
Query Window Run structured queries in Configuration Management.
Export Export component records to an external file.
Count Records Count the records in a record list.
Views View alternate forms in Configuration Management and additional information, such as Baseline version queries.

The following options are available only when selected.

Field Definition
Require Password Require a password to access Configuration Management.
Confirm on End Display a confirmation form before exiting Configuration Management.
Allow Inefficient Queries Execute an incomplete or partially keyed query. This option is overridden if you select Skip Inefficient Query Warning.
Skip Inefficient Query Warning Disable the message warning the user that a non-keyed query will be slow. If you choose this option, you will override Allow Inefficient Queries.