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Knowledge Management workflow

Knowledge Management uses a multi-step workflow to manage the lifecycle of a knowledge document. In the workflow, the document goes through the following phases:

  • Draft
  • Triage
  • Revise
  • Review
  • Publish
  • Published Internal
  • Published External
  • Retired

When a user submits a document for approval, the document enters the workflow in the Triage phase. In a typical document workflow, the document is routed to the Revise, Review, and Publish phases before it is actually published internally or externally. In some cases, users with applicable access rights can publish a document immediately after creating it, without going through the formal Revise and Review phases.

Note When you need to update a knowledge document attachment, you must save the attachment to your desktop, make the necessary updates, save the changes, and then re-upload the attachment to the knowledge document.

Knowledge Management uses knowledge groups and document categories to control access to knowledge documents along with document view and Knowledge Management profiles. Individual users are able to view, contribute, edit, and publish documents based on the knowledge groups in which they are members and the security mappings between the knowledge groups, knowledge profiles, and knowledge categories.