Knowledge groups

Knowledge groups enable you to collect users into groups that have access to work with the same set of documents. A knowledge group might be the user for a department, or a group of document authors, or a special group of users within your organization such as subject matter experts. All knowledge groups have a unique name, an assigned manager, and a group of operators.

You associate a knowledge group with at least one document category or subcategory to give the members of a knowledge group access to documents in the category or subcategory and all subcategories below it. Access privileges can range from search and view to publishing privileges depending upon what knowledge profile(s) you assign to the category. You assign a knowledge group access to a document category by associating a knowledge profile and its associated knowledge group with a document category.

You should assign a new user to the appropriate knowledge groups when you create an operator record for the user. You can use the Find Related Information icon on the Login Profiles tab of the Operator record form under Knowledge Groups to display a list of defined knowledge groups.