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Assign a knowledge group access to a document category

User role: System Administrator, KMAdmin

All documents in the knowledgebase are assigned to a document category. Categories for knowledge documents are ordered hierarchies. The document categories order documents into top-level categories and subcategories. You can assign a knowledge group access to a specific category.

To assign a knowledge group access to a document category, follow these steps:

  1. Click Knowledge Management > Configuration > KM Document Categories.
  2. When you have a large number of top-level categories, use the category filter to display only those top-level categories you are interested in viewing. Type the name of the top-level category in the Category filter text box.
  3. Use the Category Search tab to search a list of all occurrences of a category or subcategory name. You can type the complete name of the category or subcategory you are searching for, or you can type a portion of the name in the Search box. For example, if you are searching for all test categories, you might type tes to see test, test1, and testall.
  4. Select the category or subcategory in the list and click Details.
  5. Click the Permissions tab.
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. Select the user profile for the knowledge group to which you want to assign access to the category you selected.
  8. Double-click the user profile you selected.
  9. Select the knowledge group you want to assign to the document category.
  10. Double-click the knowledge group you selected.
  11. Click the Permissions tab to verify your selections.