Create labels for multilingual document views

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

In addition to creating new document views, administrators can configure the labels for the document view to display in languages other than English. The labels contain heading delimiters which the systems uses to determine the label title. A label delimiter is in the form: *SCMSG*123*SCMSG* where the number between the replacement tokens identifies the message string in knowledge management scmessage table. When the document displays, the system replaces the message number token (123) and the delimiters with the appropriate string from the scmessage table.

A document view must be multilingual enabled before you can create multilingual labels. A document view is multilingual enabled when you place the delimiter *SCMSG*123*SCMSG* in the label of the document view form using the document view editor. The default view is multilingual capable for all document types.

To configure the document views to display in languages other than English, you need to add additional message strings in the scmessage table. In doing this you provide the class km message identifier (a unique message number), the actual message string you want to display and a language code. For each language, create a new record with the same message number but the language code will be different and the message text will be the same word(s) in the appropriate language. Repeat the process for each label that needs to be multilingual. Ensure each set that represents a single label value has a unique message identifier.

Once new records exist in the scmessage table, replace the tokens in the label heading delimiter with the message number created in the scmessage table for the appropriate message text string.

Note The default view for all out-of-box document types is multilingual capable.

This procedure is for a document view that is not multilingual enabled. Before you begin, make sure that you create a message number ID for each multilingual label on the document view form and that there are message numbers defined to display the labels in multiple languages.

To create labels for multilingual document views, follow these steps:

  1. Click Knowledge Management > Configuration > Document Types.
  2. Select a document type record from the list.
  3. Select the document view from the View List.
  4. Click Modify.
  5. Select the item to update and then select the label delimiter (*SCKM*Title*SCKM*) and replace it with the label delimiter (*SCMSG*123*SCMSG*) for the label you are making multilingual. The 123 should be the message number ID from the scmessage table for the unique message number ID for this label.
  6. Continue updating the other labels with delimiters for multilingual labels.
  7. Click OK to save your changes.