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Report schedule and distribution

Report schedules assist report managers or administrators to send the reports or the dashboards information on scheduled intervals to the notified users or user groups.

A report schedule specifies who is to be notified, when, and the notification method. An administrator must make sure that the report or dashboard has been created in HPE Service Manager before Service Manager can create an report schedule record.

Scheduled reports or dashboards enable users to view the updated content without logging in to Service Manager. Service Manager Reports provide two ways to distribute the schedule reports or dashboards: sending email notifications by attaching the generated PDF files, or using the file server to save the generated files.

For example, if you want to embed the scheduled reports to your applications, you can follow these steps:

  1. Generate scheduled reports and specify a folder for these reports.
  2. Set up an Apache instance to access the folder and provide static URLs for the reports.
  3. Embed the Apache URLs in the products.

In this way, users can view the updated content from your applications timely and directly.