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Set home page preferences

HPE Service Manager enables you to configure your personalized and role based homepage. If an administrator has configured one of the pre-configured Dashboard and To Do Queue home pages for you, it will be the first screen that is displayed when you log in to the Service Manager web client.

To set your preferences, click Miscellaneous > My Preferences, and then specify your settings.

This Preferences dialog enables you to customize the following items.

Preference Description Default setting
Home Page Specifies the home page as Dashboard or the To Do Queue, which you see when logging in to Service Manager. To Do Queue
Queue Specifies your To Do Queue. To Do
View Specifies your view in To Do Queue. If you change and save the view in To Do Queue, the view here changes automatically. N/A
Language Specifies the primary language. English
Time Zone Specifies the time zone information. N/A
Dashboard Specifies your dashboard. N/A
Date Format Specifies the date format information. mm/dd/yy
First Day of Week Specifies the first day of week. N/A
Preferred Notebook Style Specifies the notebook style as tab or group. N/A