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My reports

The reports provide detailed reporting and analysis information that help maximize the abilities of your organization. Data monitoring and tracking, using HPE Service Manager data from your environment, provide valuable insight to daily operations. Service Manager enables you to build graphic reports dynamically from lists of records for a quick view of data and relationships.

With this feature You can
Set permission for a report Configure reports globally or individually by setting permission for a report.
Create different types of reports Create chart reports that total how many records have the same value in a group by field.
Create list reports that list each record according to the value in a field.
Create pivot table reports that list records in two-dimension view and you can view the content dynamically by dragging and dropping the columns.
Query Build or write different query conditions to draw the report. If a query is cached, multiple users can view the report results from cache.
Legends Identify the data source for each report element by using color-coded legends.
Customize the legend color by setting the color indicator.
View the data details Click a component to open a record list of the data that generate the report.
Hover the mouse over a report component to view the data count for that component.