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Upgrading from the K2 Search Engine

The Service Manager 9.50 client and server support only the Service Manager 9.3x Applications, which can only work with the Solr Search Engine.

Once you have upgraded your server and clients to Service Manager 9.50, you must uninstall the K2 Search Engine and install the Solr Search Engine.

Once you run the applications upgrade for Service Manager 9.50, you will lose support for the K2 Search Engine, which affects script libraries, menus, the search library (including advanced search), and how you manage knowledgebases.

To upgrade to the Solr Search Engine, you will need to do the following:

  1. Install the Solr Search Engine.
    1. Meet the Solr Search Engine Requirements
    2. Install the Solr Search Engine
  2. Configure Service Manager to connect to the new Solr Search Engine and KM Web Crawler by entering the host names, ports, etc., as the old connection information will not work. See Managing Knowledgebase Search Servers.

  3. Re-index all of your knowledgebases, as the old indexes will not work. See Perform a Full Reindex on a Knowledgebase.

    Tip: If your knowledgebases contain large amounts of data, re-index them before going into production (live) mode. 
  4. If you have any tailored forms, follow the normal Service Manager applications tailoring procedures to update the new versions. For more information, see the HPE Service Manager Tailoring Best Practices Guide.
  5. If you have modified your dbdict, merge your dbdict changes.
Note: If you do not have the administrative experience necessary to manage migrating to the Solr Search Engine, you should get assistance from your local application developers and database administrators.