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Searching the Knowledgebases

When searching the knowledgebases, you can perform:

  • A simple search where you search for a text string;
  • An advanced search where you can provide several search parameters. In the advanced search you can specify the knowledgebases to search and the document categories to search. You can also specify a set of filtering parameters, such as exact phrase and creation date.
  • A search within the search results after doing an initial search or advanced search.

Each of the knowledgebases has different fields that are indexed for searching, so when you search a knowledgebase, provide search parameters that match the fields in the knowledgebase. For example, the knowledge articles have a title and author field. When you view an incident, the out-of-box system displays the incident number, incident description, and solution for closed incidents.

The out-of-box system includes five separate knowledgebases that can be searched collectively or separately, depending upon what information you are searching for. In addition to making your search more efficient by specifying a knowledgebase, it is also best to search with a limited number of document categories. When you search, your log-in profile determines what information you can search and view.

You can use the Knowledgebase Maintenance feature to add additional knowledgebases for searching. These knowledgebases are created from a table in Service Manager (sclib) or by using web crawling to browse and index an external web site (weblib).