Administer > Status and Notifications > System status form

System status form

The system status form allows administrators to view and manage user sessions and processes.

Actions possible

From the system status form a user with system administrator capabilities can:

  • View a list of users logged in to the server
  • View a list of processes running on the server
  • Schedule a process to run at a later date and time
  • Broadcast a message to all connected users
  • Display a list of users who are locked out of the system
  • Filter the system events displayed in the status list

    • View all tasks: users and processes
    • View active processes only
    • View inactive processes only
    • View users only
    • View system processes only
  • View the System Monitor for information about the system resources consumed by and connection properties used by each user and process running on the server
  • View the list of system status command line options
  • View the system status summary form

Note There can be only one kmupdate process running at any time. Starting more than one kmupdate process causes unpredictable behavior on the search engine server.

System status list

The system status list contains the following columns.

Column Description
Command The text field where you can enter the commands s for status or k for kill process.
User Name The login and process names currently running on the server.
PID The unique numeric process identification HPE Service Manager assigns to each user and process.
Device ID The type of client or process running on the server.
Login Time The date and time the user session or process started.
Idle Time The length of time in days hours:minutes:seconds since the user session or process was active.