RAD applications

With a database driven application, a user may be working with any of the following three basic record sets:

  • Zero records – when searching for information.
  • Many records – when looking at a list of information.
  • One record – when making changes to a single record.

From a user perspective when working with data:

  • you either view a blank form, where you can enter search information (or create a new record),
  • or you are working on updating / viewing a single record,
  • or you did a search and now have a set of multiple records displayed as a list.

The Document Engine uses three main RAD applications to mirror this idea. The RAD routine used is determined by the number of records displayed at any time.


The search engine is used when there are no records being viewed. The main purpose of this routine is to formulate a query and select records from the correct table. This routine may also be used for the initial entry of information into a blank record for the purpose of adding a new record to the database. The Default State is db.search.


The list engine displays multiple records. Using the list engine a user may select a specific record from the list, or perform actions on the entire list of records. Default State is db.list.


The view engine displays a single record. This application is used to perform actions against a specific record, such as updates or deletes. Default State is db.view.

Note When using Service Manager’s record list functionality, the view engine is used for both the list and single record information.