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RAD applications flow

The following figure provides an overview of how the other tailoring tools interact with the Document Engine.

Note All RAD applications related to the Document Engine start with "se", such as se.view.engine. The document engine treats every record as a document made available to the user.

When a file is displayed using the Document Engine it will always be using one of the three applications specified earlier in this document. The display screen, display options, and format are determined by the current State of the record. When a display option is triggered, after the standard display functionality is performed, the engine checks the “action” of that option against the available processes defined in the current State record. If there is a process defined that has a condition that evaluates to true, the engine then performs that process against the current record (or record set). If the action is not defined in the State record, the engine will then check to see if that action is defined as a “Base Process” in the current application. If it is, then the system will perform that base process against the record. If not, no action is taken.

Integration tips for display application

If a display screen does not have any display events associated to it, the system automatically uses the se.default display event that performs se.lock.object in case of “OnFormModified”.

If a display option record has the “Modifies Record” check box activated, the record is locked when the button is pressed.