Local variables

Local variables begin with $L. and persist only within the currently executing RAD application. The server cleans up local variables automatically when it exits a RAD application.

The following is a list of Standard Variables used with the Document Engine:

$L.action - the display action value from the display option

$L.bg - Background flag

$L.category - The category record (if available)

$L.env - The current environment record

$L.exit - internal exit parameter

$L.file - The current file variable

$L.file.save - A copy of the record in its original state

$L.format – name of the format used to display the record

$irspread – determines the IR discovery options: 0=shallow search, 2=deep search, 4=complete match

$L.mode – the mode the viewed record is in, typically add to create a new record, update to modify an existing record or close to finish processing of an existing record

$L.mult - Flag that is true if there are multiple records in the $L.file variable

$L.object - The object record

$L.phase - The phase record (if available)

$L.sql or $L.query- the current query

$L.sort - the current sort order

$L.state – The state record the system is using (=the state the record is in).

Variables that are available in View mode (when viewing a single record)

$L.fc – copy of the detail FormatControl record

$L.fc.master – copy of the master FormatControl record