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Base functions in se.list.engine

Display Action Description
exit (or back) Returns to the search (or calling) form. / inbox Prompts the user to save the current query as a new view.
count Performs standard count functionality and displays the total record count.
refresh Refreshes the list using the current query. Completely exits the current module. “Big Green Arrow”
print Prints the list of records displayed.
views When selected, the system presents to the user a list of alternate forms in which to display the current record.
export/unload Standard Service Manager export/unload functionality (multiple records).
massadd Adds a new set of records that exactly duplicates an existing set of records except that new set of records will have a unique key value updated with new data. At the end of the processing there will be twice as many records in the table.
massupdate Provides the same updates to a set of specified fields in a list of records.
massdelete Deletes a specified set of records from a table.