Configure a workflow

To create a new workflow, you can create one from scratch or copy an existing workflow.

If you copy an existing workflow, you must enter the information that is described in the following table.

Field Description
New workflow name The name of the new workflow
Copy rule sets?

Determines whether the rule set that are used by the workflow are also copied. Out-of-box rule sets are marked as "Micro Focus Proprietary" and are read-only. However, copied rule sets are editable.

  • Select this option if you want to customize rule sets.
  • Do not select this option if you want to use the out-of-box logic.
  • Note We recommend that you use the out-of-box rule sets as far as possible, as this facilitates the upgrade process and enables you to benefit from any future enhancements to out-of-box rule sets.

  • Rule set prefix If you copy the rule sets, you must specify a prefix for the copied rule sets. The format new rule set name is <prefix>.<the original rule set name>