Create a rule set

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator


A rule set contains a list of rules that you may run against a record. Rules implement business logic to drive a workflow or a process. Rules can help perform calculations, validate fields based on data or rule sets, set required fields, and more. A rule set uses role-based security.

You can re-use rule sets in many processes when you require the same rules in many places. rule sets simplify the effort of implementing business logic. You can apply rule sets based on conditions, or configure them to run during an action. rule sets are most often associated with specific phases of a workflow.

To create a rule set, follow these steps:

  1. Click Tailoring > Process Designer > Rule Sets > New.
  2. Type a unique ID for the rule set. For example, kmdocument_draft.

    Note The name must be unique within the rule sets records.

  3. Select Available as action if you want to offer this rule set as an action within a workflow phase. For example, Service Manager interaction with an external system.
  4. Type the display name for the rule set, for example, Saving a draft.
  5. Select the table(s) from the Table name list that you want the rule sets to apply to, for example, select kmdocument.

    Note If the list is blank, the rule set can be applied to all tables.

  6. Click Save to add the rule set.

    Note If you want to edit a Micro Focus Proprietary rule set, create a copy of the Micro Focus Proprietary rule set. To add Rules to a rule set, you must first save the rule set.

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