Monitor SMIS task log

When an integration instance is active, Service Manager logs all system messages of the integration in the Service Manager Integration Suite (SMIS) task log. A log entry in the SMIS task log always links to a task in the SMIS task queue. The SMIS task log allows an administrator to view the task history of an integration instance, and restart unsuccessful tasks when needed. For more information about how to enable an integration instance, see Enable or disable an integration instance.

To monitor the SMIS task log, follow these steps:

  1. Click Tailoring > Integration Manager. Integration Instance Manager opens.
  2. Select an integration instance.
  3. Click Log. The Task Log page opens.
  4. To filter log entries by time range, select a date range in the From and To fields, and click Filter.
  5. Double-click a record in the log list. The Task Log Detail page opens.

If the task is unsuccessful, you can continue the following steps to restart the task:

  1. click the View button on the Task Log Detail page. The Task Detail page opens.
  2. Click Run Now.

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