Using LW-SSO with integrations

Lightweight Single Sign-On (LW-SSO) is optional but highly recommended for some integrations. For example, the Release Control integration. Enabling LW-SSO for integrations will bypass the login prompts when connecting two Micro Focus products.

Incoming UI LW-SSO

If LW-SSO is enabled in both the Service Manager Web tier and another Micro Focus product, users who have logged on to Service Manager are allowed to sign on to the other Micro Focus product through the web tier without a login prompt; however, you must enable LW-SSO in the Service Manager server additionally if you want users who have logged on to another product to directly sign on to Service Manager through LW-SSO. This is because the Service Manager server needs to trust the Web tier.

Incoming Web Services LW-SSO

If LW-SSO is enabled in the Service Manager server, other Micro Focus products can use a dedicated user account to access Service Manager Web Services without re-authentication.

Integration user accounts

For each integration, there might be two types of integration user accounts:

  • Dedicated user account: a dedicated user account that one product uses to call Web Services of the end-point product through LW-SSO.
  • End-user account: a user account that an end-user uses to log in to one product and then sign on to another product through LW-SSO.

These two types of integration user accounts must be created on both product sides. In addition, an integration user account must have the same user name (but can have different passwords) on the two sides.

You can use LW-SSO with the following integrations:

  • Release Control (RC)
  • Operations Orchestration (OO)
  • Business Service Management (BSM) Operations Manager i
  • Business Service Management (BSM) Business Impact Report

For details, see the specific information about how to configure LW-SSO in each of these products.

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