Assign roles to the communication user

Configure an SAP user with permission to manage incidents in SAP Solution Manager Service Desk. Follow the instruction in the Implementation Guide and add the roles SAP_SUPPDESK_PROCESS and SAP_SUPPDESK_INTERFACE to the user. Exchanging a business partner with a default configuration interface requires the additional role SAP_CRM_BUSINESS_PARTNER.

To configure a user:

  1. Select transaction /nsu01.
  2. Input the name of the user.
  3. Click Display. The user configuration transaction appears.


    • A person who is assigned to an incident in Service Manager but does not exist in Solution Manager will be created as a Business Partner when the incident is forwarded to Solution Manager. Without the business partner role SAP_CRM_BUSINESS_PARTNER the incident can not be created or updated in Solution Manager and the error code 99 appears.
    • A communication user is recommended, but not necessary.

Sending support messages to SAP AGS requires assigning an SAP Support Portal contact to Solution Manager users who will communicate with the SAP Support Portal via RFC connections. The contact maintained corresponds to the S-user in the SAP Support Portal without “S”. See SAP Note 834534 and the SAP Solution Manager configuration guide for details of Solution Manager roles and authorizations.