Create HTTP connection

Define the endpoint of the SMSSMEX Web-Service for communication between SAP Solution Manager and Apache Tomcat.

  1. Select transaction /nsm59.
  2. Create an RFC destination of type G (HTTP connection to external server).
  3. Go to the Technical settings tab and specify the endpoint of the SMSSMEX Web-Service. The default is:

    Target Host: <host>
    Service No: <port>
    Path Prefix: /ovictex/services/ICT_SERVICE_DESK_APISoapBinding
  4. Add the endpoint in the RFC destination. Your network configuration may require specification of a proxy. The following example shows the RFC destination for host itsamqavm130.

  5. In the Logon & Security tab, define the security settings for outgoing requests. Select Basic Authentication for HTTP basic authentication. Add the user and password specified in for HTTP basic authentication. The more secure SSL communication configuration is described in the security chapter of the manual. You can also select No Logon which is the default selection for “Logon&Security”.

    The following diagram shows the SMSSMEX Web service returning error 500. This result indicates the connection between SAP and SMSSMEX is established.