Field mapping configuration

Incident exchange web service exchanges incident data as XML documents between Service Manager and the external Help Desk SAP Solution Manager. Incident exchange transforms the incident data in Service Manager to an XML message for SAP Solution Manager, and transforms Solution Manager data to an XML message for Service Manager. The transformation maps the field name in Service Manager to XML elements in Solution Manager while taking into account the following:

  • Field names in Service Manager are usually different from the message element name.
  • Service Manager field data type can differ from the message element data type.
  • Not all message elements have corresponding data fields in Service Manager. Such fields are usually combined into a single log field called Journal.
  • Some fields also require value mapping. For example, the possible values for the Priority field in Service Manager are 1 - Critical, 2 - High, 3 - Average, 4 - Low. The Solution Manager Priority can be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. These values must be specified in the FieldValueMapping configuration.
  • Service Manager can assign customized fields to an Incident. These fields can be mapped to message elements.

A declarative field mapping file defines the mapping outlined above and :

  • Enables the exchange of incident data between two helpdesks with reduced code size (the same code can handle any number of fields)
  • Improves flexibility (mapping can be changed without changing code)
  • Improves extensibility and customizability (a deployment-specific mapping can be added without changing code)
  • Used to map incident data with an external help desk other than Solution Manager