Structure of FieldMapping XML file

The field mapping configuration is related to the ICT_SERVICE_DESK_API WSDL scheme defined by SAP Solution Manager. The mapping consists of field mapping and value mapping.

Field mapping includes:

  • IctHead
  • IctIncidentAttachment
  • IctIncidentSapNotes
  • IctIncidentSolutions
  • IctIncidentUrls
  • IctIncidentStatement
  • IctIncidentAdditionalInfo

The following is a mapping file example:

<FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctHead/AgentId" >

In the above example:

  • Element IctHead/AgentId of SAP Solution Manager (sub-element AgentId of top level element IctHead) maps to the field Assignee exposed by the Service Manager IncidentManagement Web Service.
  • Data types for the IN and OUT exchange modes are specified in the InDataType and OutDataType tags.
  • Person type indicates that the Exchange must convert incoming data (to/from the Service Manager) to/from an internal Person type that corresponds with the IctIncidentPerson type of the SAP SolutionManager web service.
  • InDataType and OutDataType tags declare types on the Service Manager side.