Create an incident in Service Manager

  1. Log on to Service Manager as Incident.Manager.
  2. Click Incident Management > Open New Incident. Click the Incident category. The incident ticket quick form opens.

  3. Fill in required fields for the new incident as necessary:

    1. Click Fill to select a Subcategory, and then select an Area. 
    2. Click Fill to select the applicable Affected Service, “MyDevices”.
    3. Click Fill to select the Affected CI. The CI describes the client information of Solution Manager, such as SystemID, Installation Number and Client.

      Caution You should first select Affected Service and then select Affected CI. Please follow the sequence.

    4. Type a Title for the incident.

      Note The Default Impact and Priority values of the affected CI are automatically populated to the Impact and Urgency fields of the incident record. You can manually change these auto-populated values if needed.

      Caution If you specify the Impact and Urgency values first and then specify an Affected CI with an empty Default Impact or Priority value, the Impact or Urgency value you selected for the incident record will be cleared.

    5. Type a Description for the incident.
    6. Click Search Knowledge icon to see if the issue is already logged in the knowledgebase.
    7. Complete the required fields in the Incident Details section.
    8. Complete the form with any other relevant information.

  4. Click Save&Exit and then click Open New Incident to create an incident.