Open a new incident to send to SAP

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents. The Display Which Incident Tickets form opens.
  2. In the Incident ID textbox, type the ID of the new incident created in step 1 and click Search. The incident opens.

  3. Extend the Sap Solution Manager tab and select a Solution Manager client in the SAP Solution Manager drop-down list.

  4. Update the Status field to Work In Progress, fill in other fields, and then click Save.

  5. Click Send Incident to send the incident to SAP.
  6. Service Manager receives the Request accepted message after the incident is sent to middleware successfully. Click Save & Exit to close the incident window.

  7. After a few minutes, re-open the incident to check whether it is sent to SAP.

    If the incident is sent successfully, Service Manager receives the Incident ID message from SAP.

  8. Click Cancel to close the incident window.