How to Enable ASM Support

As of version 9.41, Service Manager supports the Automated Service Modeling (ASM) functionality in the UCMDB Browser.

ASM can automatically discover Service CIs and the consumer-provider relationships between the components of services. The Service Discovery process builds dependency graphs from the consumer-provider components that make up a service.

Note ASM is supported only for UCMDB 10.20 or later. To use ASM, the ASM Enhanced package must be deployed in UCMDB.

You can tailor Service Manager to integrate with Automated Service Modeling (ASM) of the UCMDB Browser. See the following instructions.

How to integrate with ASM

ASM enables Service Manager users to view the accurate service trees that are discovered by ASM and facilitates service modeling in Service Manager.

For example, to integrate the Service Manager Change Management module with ASM, you can add a control that calls the us.launch.external RAD application by passing the following URL:

http://[UCMDB browser server name]:[port]/ucmdb_browser.jsp?username=<username>&password=<password>&server=Default%20Client&locale=en#view=[Service Name];tab=service-modeling


  • [UCMDB browser server name], [port], [username] and [password] are the UCMDB server host name, communications port, integration account user name and password, respectively. These parameters are configured in the UCMDB integration section in the System Information Record.
  • [Service Name] is the display name of current service CI.