How to Add a CI Relationship Type to the Integration for Data Push

Once you have added a new CI type to the integration and have created relationships between it and other CI types in UCMDB, for each of these relationship types you need to perform the following tasks so that UCMDB can push each type of relationships to Service Manager.

As an example, the following steps illustrate how you add a relationship type named Ownership (between the Cost and CostCategory CI types) to the integration for data push.

Note These steps assume that you have already added the Cost and CostCategory CI types to the integration.

  1. Create a query to push the relationship type.

    See How to Create a Query to Push a Relationship Type.

  2. Map the relationship query to a Service Manager web service object.

    See How to Map a Relationship Type Query to the Service Manager Web Service Object.

  3. Create an XML configuration file for the new relationship type.

    See How to Create an XML Configuration File for a Relationship Type.