Smart Email Overview

The Smart Email solution provides the ability for users to interact with Service Manager through email messages. The supported features are as follows:

  • Automatic record creation based on an inbound email

  • Automatic reply with links to solutions suggested by virtual agent Sage
  • Email-based approval for service catalog items
  • Email-based commenting
  • Integrating with Smart Ticket
  • Supporting Hot Topic Analytics for interactions or incidents created from email

The following diagram provides an overview of the Smart Email solution.


As shown in the diagram, users can interact with Service Manager by using emails:

  • When a user sends an email to Service Manager, the email is regarded as an inbound email to the system. Based on the inbound email, Service Manager can create or update a record. If Smart Analytics is enabled, the system automatically categorizes and assigns the record, and then the virtual agent replies to the user with the suggested solutions. For more information, seeAutomatic record creation.
  • When Service Manager sends an email to a user, the email is regarded as an outbound email from the system. In the outbound email, suggested solutions and action buttons are embedded for the user to perform any appropriate task by replying the email. For more information, see Automatic record update.

The following diagram is an example about how the smart email solution is configured and how it works:

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