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SM Survey setup

SM surveys fall into three categories:

  • Manual surveys: surveys that the user manually sends from the Send Survey option in a record. For more information, see Send a survey from a record.
  • Scheduled surveys: surveys that the user creates and then the system automatically sends out based on a scheduler. For more information, see Create an SM survey for a module.
  • Rule-based surveys: surveys that are automatically triggered by a rule set specified in a Process Designer workflow. For more information, see Use a rule set to send surveys.

You need to configure these types of SM surveys differently.

Common configurations

All types of SM surveys require the following configurations:

Once these configurations are ready, you can send manual SM surveys from a record by selecting the Send Survey option. However, rule-based and scheduled SM surveys require additional configurations.

Additional configurations for rule-based SM surveys

You need to create a rule set and add it to the workflow of a desired module (for example, the Incident module). For details, see Use a rule set to send surveys.

Additional configurations for scheduled SM surveys

Scheduled surveys are based on the survey integration framework, and therefore require the following additional configurations:

  • A survey integration instance is set up and enabled in Integration Manager. For details, see Enable a survey integration instance.
  • A survey definition for each supported module is created based on the SM Survey connector (that is, the Internal Connector). For details, see Create an SM survey for a module. You can create an SM survey for each of the following modules: Change, Configuration Item, Interaction, Incident, Request, and Problem.

  • If Service Manager Service Portal is used as the survey portal, you need to additionally enable users to access Survey. For details, see Enable Service Portal users to access surveys.

Note These are the minimum configurations required for SM Survey, based on the assumption that the out-of-box survey template and HTML Email template will be used. If users want to design their own survey questionnaires or tailor the out-of-box HTML Email template, further configurations are needed. For details, see the following topics:

Add fields to the SurveyInternal dbdict record

Create a survey template

Tailor the SM Survey HTML template

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