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Use a rule set to send surveys

You can use a Process Designer rule set to trigger a survey from a module, which is therefore referred to as a rule-based survey. For example, you can define a rule set for the Interaction module and add it to the Closure phase of the ServiceDesk workflow. You can configure this rule set so that a survey is automatically sent to the Contact person of an Interaction record once the record enters the Closure phase.

Note For rule-based surveys, the system selects a survey template as described in Automatic selection of survey templates. You can use this rule set for reference.

To use a rule set for rule-based surveys for a module (for example, Incident), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tailoring > Process Designer > Rule Sets.
  2. In the ID field, enter send.survey.

    Note This sample rule set is intended for the Interaction module. You can use it as a reference.

  3. Click Search.
  4. Click More > Clone to copy the rule set to a new one.
  5. Rename the rule set, and save it. For example, save it with the following attributes:

    • ID:
    • Name: Send survey for Interaction
  6. Select the rule description, and then click Edit Rule/Group.
  7. (Optional) Click Edit under the Condition field, and then specify a condition that applies to rule-based surveys sent from the module.

    Note Be aware that the Condition setting in a survey template applies not only to manual surveys, but also to rule-based surveys.

  8. Update the JavaScript as needed.

    Note The JavaScript needs to define recipients and a survey template for the survey.

    Tip For an Interaction workflow, you can use the sample JavaScript code without any modifications.

  9. Click OK to save your changes to the rule set.
  10. Go to Tailoring > Process Designer > Workflows to open your workflow for the module. In this example, open the ServiceDesk workflow.
  11. Select a phase. In this example, select the Closure phase.
  12. Select the Rule Sets tab, and then click Add to add the new rule set to the selected phase. See the following figure for an example.

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