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Defining actions on nodes and edges in the XML for the graph control

When you are building an application that includes a graph diagram, you can define the actions on nodes and edges.

Following is the pertinent part of the schema definition for an action on a node or an edge. The type attribute is required and can be any value if a custom action handler is provided. If the default action handler is used, then the possible values are the same as the urltype attribute for the url element. If a label attribute is present, the action appears on the popup action menu when more than one labeled action is available. Providing a value of true with the forcemenu attribute causes the popup to appear even when there is only a single possible action.

XML Icon

The following is an example of a complete and valid XML statement that defines an expand action on the first node and two additional actions on each node and edge. It also references the images that are attached to the contacts records of Max Manager and Steve Supervisor. These display as icons for each node in the graph diagram.

Actions on nodes and edges

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