Graph control

Use this control to display a diagram of connected nodes representing a system of two or more interrelated things. To add a graph to a form, either click on the control in the toolbar and then click on the drawing canvas, or, drag and drop the control from the toolbar to the drawing canvas.

Property Usage
Name Specify a unique identifier for the object on the screen. (Optional)

This name is used by external applications, such as RAD, to dynamically change the properties of the object.
X Specify the object’s horizontal position based on the left edge of the object.
Y Specify the object’s vertical position based on the top edge of the object.
Width Specify the width of the object in alignment grid units.
Height Specify the height of the object in alignment grid units.
Input Specify the database field or variable to associate with this control. The primary use for this property is to set the focus on the graph.
Accessible Description

Specify a component description for use with accessibility software. (Optional)

Note This function is only supported by the Web client.

If no description is present, the Web client defaults to looking for a nearby label to use for the name of the component. For buttons, check boxes, or radio buttons, the Web client will use the component’s text. Accessibility software can query the Web client to get this information, and use it to present it to the user in a variety of ways. For example, when a component gets focus, speech simulation software will say the name and the type of component, based on the settings in the Accessible Name and Accessible Description fields.

Visible Select this option to make the object visible on the form. Clear the check box to hide the object from view on the form.
Visible Condition Specify an expression to override the Visible property when that expression evaluates to true.

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