View Catalog Aggregation Details


The Organization Administrator can manage Service Manager Service Portal catalog items by creating aggregations. An Service Manager Service Portal aggregation contains catalog items that are imported from an end-point system (supplier) such as Service Manager (SM) . After an aggregation is created and the end-point system's catalog items are imported, the Organization Administrator publishes the Service Manager Service Portal catalog items into a catalog, and then they are available for fulfillment in the Service Manager Service Portal.



The Organization Administrator can view the details of an aggregation.

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Catalog Connect application. The Aggregation List appears.
  2. Click the aggregation that you want to view. The Aggregation Report appears.
  3. Click the Aggregation Properties tab. The general properties and the status of the aggregation are displayed.
  4. Click the Aggregation History tab. Historical data for each catalog item action is displayed, including Item, Status, Categories, Action, and the date and time when the action was performed.

    Tip To filter the list of history items that are displayed, type the search criteria. Only the history items that meet the search criteria are displayed.

    • Use the controls (found at the bottom) to navigate through multiple history pages.

    • Click on a column header to re-sort the history based on that column. Use the up and down arrows to change from ascending to descending sort order.

    • To view item history details, click on a history item.

      A list of a historical actions related to that item is displayed, including Change Description, Old Value, New Value, and whether the action is Resolved. Any warnings or errors are listed.

    Note To view and update a catalog item offering, from the Aggregation History view click next to the history item or from the Item History Details view click and select Go to Offering. Either takes you to the catalog item offering in the Catalog Item application. See Edit Catalog Item for details.


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