Creating field help

When creating field help, keep in mind that the forms you see as you step through a process may not be the ones the user sees. What you are looking at is, most likely, not the only place the field is displayed.

  • The forms displayed vary with the choices the user makes.
  • The fields displayed on the forms vary with the choices the user makes and with his permissions.
  • The use of the field varies depending on user permissions and where the field is being displayed. (For example, if data gets entered into read-only fields.)

When creating field help, you may need to do any of these tasks:

  • Access the help table.
  • Add or edit field help records.
  • Run a query against the help table.
  • Export a batch of existing field help records and edit them.
  • Import a batch of new or edited field help records.
  • Perform a mass update on a list of help records.
  • Unload a batch of field help records from your local machine and load them into the development machine.
  • Review new or updated field help records.

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